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Born in France in 1980 and graduated from ENSBA (Paris in 2005) Florence Girardeau took part in several collective exhibitions and festivals, such as Slick (2008), S x S dans R (2009), Visual Sound Festival Plektrum (Estonia 2009) and Drawing Now (2011). She has recently been the winner of 1% artistique (2013/2014) for the creation of an artwork for the chapel of Lycée Lebrun in Coutances (France), titled Polarized. The artwork challenges our perception and our limits due to our human being, asking the observer to decipher the fragments of the images with his own knowledge. This piece stands in constant relation with sun light, so it is continually moving and changing. She had her first solo show in 2011 − Tout se fige alors − hosted by Alberta Pane Gallery, an exhibition that exposed her fine relationship with space and its view.

The artist´s work is a product of a tactile vision concerned with an abstraction of sensation. Through drawing, collage, video and installation, she questions the perception of space, body and image of our era. Continuity and discontinuity, detail and the ensemble, expectations and shifts, interest is drawn from the relations between such elements. Our relation to the world, constructed through the screen, through the image, is increasingly becoming that of the virtual. The artist´s works are elaborated by means of a highly precise technique that generates a fluid and delicate universe, almost undefinable , pushing the spectator to develop his very own system of perception.

It is thus our sensitive relation to space and time that defines the artistic practice of Florence Girardeau.