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Marcos Lutyen's practice has centered on the use of hypnosis to engage the visitor's embodied experience of art, while also involving various parallel approaches to explore group and individual consciousness. Exhibitions of infinite scale and nature have been installed in the minds of visitors. His investigations have included research with social group such as the third-gender Muxhe, Raeilians, synaesthetes, border migrants, space engineers and mental architects to explore how unconscious mind-sets shift across cultures and backgrounds. Building on his investigations into consciousness and social dynamics, Lutyens has developed projects that involve our external surroundings. Works include interactions with pedestrian flows, social media dialogue, air quality levels, animal and biological intercommunication and other dynamics that are generally invisible to the casual observer, and yet as important as the subjective processes of the inner mind.

Lutyens has exhibited internationally, including 340 performances over 100 days at dOCUMENTA(13) as well as with many other museums and institutions including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Centre Georges Pompidou, The Royal Academy, the National Art Museum of China, MoMA PS1. Currently he is working in alliance with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev on the 14th Istanbul Biennial. He has created a large scale installation on a ship, as well as preparing the public program 'Thoughts Forms and Brain Waves: Neuro-Aesthetics and Art', which involves discussions and experiments with some of the world's leading neuroscientists: Vittorio Gallese, Vilayanur Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic. Lutyens is also exhibiting 'Alphabet Huts' at the Baltic Triennal and is launching a book called 'Memoirs of a Hypnotist: 100 Days'.