Blue Genetic
September 4th - October 23th 2010

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Michelangelo Penso comes to Alberta Pane Gallery for the third time with his personal exhibition Blue Genetic a retrospective of his pieces from 2008 to 2010. Inspired by distant cosmic dimensions (White Island, 2007), the artist's work reaches the depth of organic masses and genetic circuits presented in this exhibition in the form of sculptures, installations, and drawings. Penso, a true poet of artistic materials, recently became interested in a new raw material offering many creative possibilities: polyester straps. In the series Orbits, different-colored straps are rolled and assembled in various cosmic formations, presented on the wall or on the floor. The title of each piece is a mathematical equation that corresponds to a fractal-like figure possessing similar details at arbitrarily smaller or larger scales, evoking in this way both the infinitely big and the infinitesimal. The same material is used to create Blue Genetic Structure, a large-scale version of the first organic forms drawn by the artist, which spreads across the gallery's ceilings and whose hanging parts come to disturb the vision of the observer. Drawings on Journals (2009) suggests the memorial path the artist takes in the history of his grandfather, through DNA chains and microorganisms drawn on the pages of an old atlas that belonged to his relative, pasted into moleskin journals. Penso also focused on the essence of human life in the series Blue Genetic (2009), thus reaching a sensitive point in his research on the subject. The biological components of these two series - symbols of return to the primary source - are responsible for the creation of recent sculptures and installations. The artist's vision, full of scientific references, can seem cold and distant. The vision is, in fact, profoundly human. Indeed, by this natural instinct that drives each being to consider defining extremes, Penso speaks to us about the universal and the particular, about life in its most basic form. The works exhibited in the gallery appear as learned stylizations of this concept and try to make clearer the complex logic that characterizes our people.

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